Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ah Beach...

Pretty isn't it? My weird husband got up super early on Monday morning, walked out of our unit and on to the beach to take some sunrise photos for me.
Now I know your thinking. What unit? Beach? Well Sunday we packed the kids into the car and headed to Mackay to stay the night and spend all day Monday house hunting. Yep were heading back to civilisation! After two and a half years in Blackwater I think we've done our time and with another bambino on the way living in the same place as the hospital is such a nice thought.
Although I will be sad to leave all the beautiful friends here, and sad to be taking the boys away from their friends. I'm excited to be able to get them into little athletics, nippers, take them to the cinema, and the beach obviously. I didn't realise how much I missed the beach watching the boys run to the water, fully dressed. The smell, the breeze, the crunch under your foot.
So now all we have to do is find a house, organise removlists, find a school...I'll shut up now as my list is far too long!


  1. Welcome back to Civilization... Well I wouldn't exactly say This Place is Civilization but i guess compared to blackwater it might be :)

  2. Anywhere with traffic lights is civilisation as far as I'm concerned! hehe


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