Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shut up and drive!

Yesterday after we picked up the big boys from Kindy and school Michael suggested we go for a drive out to the river. Sure why not I said. Do I need to change my shoes? No we won't be getting out of the car.  After we packed the small people in the back of Michael's small car I grabbed us some afternoon tea and cold drinks and we were off. 

I bought some new books while op shopping and thought I'd bring them along. Even though Charlie wouldn't keep his hat on he was happy with Jack and the beanstalk.

Jack wasn't impressed with the book I picked for him. Hence the tantrum face. He didn't speak to any of us the whole time we were gone. Not my kid at all. 

James loves nature he is in his element with his Daddy. It was about the only time in the last month he hasn't been yelling or throwing tantrums.

Not getting out of the car he said, no, no need to change your brand new grey suede shoes he said. 

Like father like son. Charlie has no fear and will quite happily climb over rocks and tree stumps to get to where he wants to go. I feel that in a few years I will be on first name basis with ER nurses. 

James looks small because he is very far away, Michael's taken the boys here before and apparently last time he needed a rope to get James back up from the water's edge. So glad I don't go on these 'adventures' with them. 

Husband says to me, how bout I drop you here and you can take some action shots of me? What in these shoes? He gave me his thongs. Sensible man.

This is the action shot, I know it's good right. 
Soon we won't be able to all go in Daddy's car. I think I will most definitely be OK with that!

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