Friday, July 1, 2011

Up, down, Up, down


What a massive week we're having. It's already Friday and July and my poor kids are stuck on school holidays with a crazed woman. 
On Wednesday this happened. Our whole world crashed around us. I spent most of the afternoon in tears and in a daze. Its crazy how much you can love someone who is the size of a nectarine. 
Yesterday we had an extra ultrasound, a more intense ultrasound. While the sonographer was doing her job I was quizzing her on what she could see (Thanks Dr Google for your tips and infinite wisdom) babies with a missing artery in the umbilical cord are quite often missing a kidney amongst many other things. So when she showed me there was 2 kidneys I felt a little brighter, then she found the third artery in the cord. This was a huge weight off our shoulders. She told us the reason the first scan raised red flags was missing artery and the thickness of the NT together. If it was one or the other they wouldn't have requested another scan. I was so relieved I wasn't even cranky that the first scan she'd missed this important factor. 
So after all that it's looking less likely there is anything wrong.
I'm staying positive, not stressing and hopefully on Wednesday when I go the doctors for my results he will give me good news.
After all this Michael has decided the baby is a girl. Only a girl would give us such grief, none of the boys ever stressed us out like this.  
Thank you to everyone who was thinking of us and praying for good news. I think its worked already. 


  1. glad to hear things may not be as bad as they seemed! I agree with your hubs- it must be a girl! lol.

  2. Oh, how fantastic. I've been thinking about you a lot and hoping you got good news soon. When do you get the final all clear?

  3. Thank you loveies. Robyn I think he's right only a girl!
    Amy you have far to many important things to be worrying about right now! But thank you xx


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