Sunday, June 26, 2011

Polly dolly


This weeks polly is about where you work. I don't have a job outside our house but the small people keep me plenty busy. Even though I'm only 13 weeks pregnant my clothes are getting a little too tight and I'm down to one pair of jeans so I'm cracking out the few maternity things I have left. Something simple and comfortable, jegglings (don't hate me) comfy shirt, cute flats, hair band for the crazy pregnant hair I always seem to get, sunnies and lip gloss for school drop off and trips to the park/shops. My main job as mum is to read books, according to our smallest people, Charlie mainly, he is very pushy with what he wants. Apart from reading I spend a ridiculous amount of my day cleaning, although 99% of the time my house looks feral. Its a constant annoyance that I'm sure is gong to get worse before it gets better.
Before bed we always say love you to the moon and back, now that Jack understands the solar system he cracks out different variations, love you from Pluto to the sun and back, love you around the solar system and back.

If you'd like to play Polly Dolly head over to see Danielle here

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