Sunday, June 19, 2011


This is Bob. 

He has been part of our family for as long as James. We got him for Jack as his 'baby' when James was born and he was attached to Jack's arm for over a year, until we lost him, oops. I explained to Jack that he was lost and the next day we went and bought a new one, exactly the same, he didn't mind thankfully.
So now Jack is six were getting to the stage that he only comes out of his room when Jack's feeling unwell. He's been fed many a tea party, picnic, pushed on many swings and driven around in several different prams, he's been vomited on, had all sorts of things spilt on him, been through the wash more times than I care to imagine and yep you guessed it after quite a few years he is ripped beyond repair. Poor Bob, his overalls and his shirt are ripped, luckily he's not a girl. 

Jack today with Bob. Poor ripped Bob with a dirty nose and no torch. That thing was a killer during pillow fights, I got it in the side of the head more than I care to remember. It 'fell' off one night. 

Jack at 2yr old with brand new Bob. Already a firm favourite. 

We took a photo of baby James at 6 days old with Bob as a comparison to how big he was. Bob is seriously clean!

So I'm torn (pardon the pun) do we put Bob away for when Jacks older or let him love him to death. I'd hate for him to have to go through a sick week with no Bob. But I'd hate for him to fall apart. 

First World Problems in epic proportions, I know. 


  1. Gorgeous! I love seeing favorite toys.

  2. Love him to death... nothing last forever x

  3. Oh Dani I love you. Love him to death, definatly love him to death. xx

  4. You totally have to keep him! I am sure even as a boy there would be a special moment when you brought Bob out years later..just not on his 18th :P
    Hayley (This is the only way I seem to be able to comment :()

  5. Thanks Hayley! Apparently blogger is having issues. Just for something different!

  6. Ohh Love him to death, a toy that isn't being played with stops being a toy and is just a decoration. I loved my doll to death, she ended up a one-eyed, one legged, germ bucket with dreads and even now I can remember her so clearly, wouldn't have this strong memory if my parent's had kept her in the memory box (and I can assure you couldn't pass it to my kids, she had a very night of the living dead look after all my love)


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