Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shower o'clock

Today is Sunday and although I normally shower before the small people get up, today I preferred to sleep. By 11am I decided I could shower while the boys were watching Alice in Wonderland. Charlie is heading towards two he'll be OK for 5 minutes right?
I had just filled my hair with shampoo when I felt a small hand grabbing my leg. Charlie had opened the door, taken his pants and nappy off and was trying to climb in. I shooed him out and after about the 10th time he did, after wetting the whole bathroom by playing peek a boo with the shower curtain.
By the time I was conditioning my hair I was thinking maybe we were on to a winner and I can sleep an extra half an hour of a morning. That was until James came to tell me there was trouble. Never a good sign. He told me there was good news and bad news. The bad news was Charlie had pooped on the floor, the good news was he had got a nappy sack from the change table and picked it all up.
Looks like I'll be getting up early for a little bit longer.


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