Wednesday, June 29, 2011

big day!

Yesterday morning when I woke up we had no house to move into, had no idea if baby was ok or if there was one or two. By the time I went to bed we had a house and got to watch our little nectarine bouncing around. 
It was a good day. So here it is, this is our new house, which is beautiful, close to the beach and considerably  cheaper than the dodgy house were in now.

22 Village Circuit, Eimeo, Qld 4740

Yep its that new that the turf still has lines in it. Its ok your allowed to be jealous. 

22 Village Circuit, Eimeo, Qld 4740

Thats my new dishwasher, its smeg, I am never leaving this house. 

22 Village Circuit, Eimeo, Qld 4740

I don't know but I'm fairly sure this is the ensuite. I am so in love with this house. Were going to have a look next week, we haven't actually seen inside it. I don't really care I'm going to love it, I know that. 

This makes it so more real. I knew before that there was baby in there. My clothes don't fit, I shake if I don't eat every 2 hours. But actually seeing the small person in my belly moving around was totally different.  

I was smiling all day.


  1. Gorgeous! A beautiful house and a beautiful baby- what amazing blessings! Glad to hear that everything is going perfectly well :)

  2. Wow, big changes for you!! Your new home looks amazing, I am loving the kitchen island. And check out that little monkey jogging on the spot inside you!

  3. Thanks lovelies!
    Big changes, this always seems to happen, its never one thing at a time : )

  4. The house is lovely, I'm sure it will be everything you were looking for when you finally get to lay eyes on it personally.

    And great news on the bub update. YAY.

  5. that'd be the best day EVER!! Awesome house, new little life. perfection!

    xo em

    i'm new here, beautiful blog.


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