Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Wonder

We had a good weekend. 
I love a weekend where I can take the boys places they haven't been before or show them things they haven't seen before, this was one of those weekends. 
 Saturday we headed to Artspace which is our art gallery, they have regular 'kidspace' days where you turn up (its free), there is a heap of craft activities set up and older ladies to help you make a huge mess, take home some craft things and someone else cleans it up. Sounds good yeah? It really is.
Well its usually on a weekday but Saturday there was a book signing so it was a special event, poor Jack misses out on a lot of the fun things we do because he's at school so James was very excited about getting to show his big brother something he does that Jack doesn't.

It's funky right?

We came home covered in permanent marker and ink....

....And some fun activities to try at home, like a zine which is just a folded A4 piece of paper which you can stamp then colour in your stamps and make up a story to go with it. Simple but fun, maybe even a Christmas present or two! 

Sunday morning Charlie was off, temperature, cranky, nothing good, so instead of heading to the water park like we'd planned to I drew a very quick race car track around our deck, the boys spent ages colouring it in, making car parks and buildings. 

Then after nap time we headed off to get some culture. 

Really was some culture, singing dancing, international food, fashion parade, markets, stalls. It was amazing. I wish we'd gone earlier. 

The boys always find good money wasters. 

How funny is this photo, Charlie and I trying to take a self portrait. 

Poor Charlie he was actually really enjoying the music and dancing but he was defiantly still under the weather. 

I dragged the boys away to eat, we had vegetable samosas, satay sticks with a seriously good peanut dipping sauce, chick pea curry and freshly made naan, oh my goodness so delicious. 
The big boys loved it. Even eating dinner they were still watching what was going on.

I was feeling far to large to be dancing so I made myself comfy and watched, the band were African and they kept encouraging everyone to get closer and dance, they were so amazing to watch. 

By far the funniest part of the weekend was the amount of people that asked me about the boys and if they were all mine, or commented about me being brave to go out with them by myself. I know people are trying to be nice but it still bugs me, I figure if Naomi can do it I can defiantly do it!


  1. Looks like a great weekend!

  2. It really was, apart from Charlie waking up at 3am with a raging temp!

  3. Super mumma! Looks like you all had fun but no idea how you manged that with 3 boys and rock :)

  4. I refuse to stay home Hayley that's how I do it : )


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