Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wonderful weekend

I love weekends. 
Especially weekends like this. 
Emily from the Beetle Shack thinks she's bogan. I beg to differ and will top her with this for sure. I am not only married to a bogan I also really like fast cars, ridiculous fast cars that do ridiculous things whilst making lots of noise. I love them so much I bought us tickets for Saturdays sun state nationals to watch lots of fast cars drive fast. Yes I was meant to be a mum of boys. 

Charlie hanging out in Dads shadow, it was really hot out there. 

He's a special boy this one. Not exactly a sun safe way to wear one's hat, but hey at least he isn't the guy in the background he still had the price tag on his hat. 

Love these cars. I could have watched them all day, this one especially it had awesome teeth painted on the side. 

Big boy enjoying his lunch, he later got a show bag full of catalogues for car parts, I don't think I'd seen him as happy all day. 

What I'm the only one who wears pearls and lipsticks to watch drag racing, well me and the pit girls. 

You know it's a good day when your so pooped you fall asleep with your cup in your hands. 

It was awesome, and I loved it way more than the boys, especially the nitro funny cars, those babies are seriously loud. 

Then Sunday we followed it up with a trip to the circus. 
When we got to the door I was informed no photos were allowed to be taken inside the big tent. That's a kick in the shins but I guess I really enjoyed it much more without my camera in front of my face the whole time. 

The big top. 

Daddy and a cranky James who wanted to go on the jumping castle. He had no idea what we were about to walk into. I love the front of the 'laff'n'clowns' caravan. That's what I call old school circus caravan. 

The circus was awesome we had ringside seats, literally ringside, we were front row. This made for fun when the clown dragged volunteers out of the crowd to 'help' him. Towards the end Jack got to go in the ring, he looked so red faced but I knew he was enjoying it. It's defiantly what he will be telling his friends when he goes back to school.
They finished off with the ball of death which is two guys on motorbikes riding around each other in a ball of metal. Scary but so fun! 
Tonight were having a BBQ on the deck before our big by goes back to school tomorrow. Not a bad way to finish the school holidays that's for sure! 

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