Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 27.

Don't be fooled by the smile this week kicked my butt. 
A mixture of being busy everyday (It is school holidays after all)  and not sleeping very well over night made for a very cranky lady in the house this week. Every afternoon you could have found me comatosed on the lounge while Charlie napped and the big boys made amazing creations from lego or watched countless episodes of Wallace and Gromit. 
I finally had my booking in appointment at the hospital and discovered I've put on 7kgs already, I was shocked and a bit peeved, I've been eating quite well and this is probably the most active during pregnancy I've ever been. I'm putting it down to the wide and tasty array of take out we have at our finger tips compared to the couple of dodgy choices we had in Blackwater.
Apart from that I've had a few nasty leg cramps which I always get when pregnant, and suffered a bit of heartburn, completely my own fault from eating things I know will hurt me but I do it anyway.
We still have no name choices really. We have a front runner for a few weeks and then we get over it. I know when we find the name I'll know it and it will just be right, until then we just have to keep searching and  I'll just keep baking!


  1. Looking good! It nice to see a bit of a picture of what size I'll be in a few weks time!

    Hope you come up with a name soon. We *think* we've got a name, but we'll wait and see if we still like it when it's born!

  2. You are so gorgeous pregnant. You have that 'glow' everyone talks about that I never even got close to.

    I hear you on the name debate- it took us months and months to name our son. Something will come and stick eventually.

    Yay for babies!


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