Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 30.

10 weeks to go until I'll never be pregnant again. This very scary, very final fact hit me this week and considering we weren't planning #4 I was shocked by how hard it hit me. 
I have really enjoyed being pregnant this time. I've been so well apart from having very thin patience and a raging temper. I have really let loose this week and if you've had anything to do with me you'll know it. I was complaining to anyone and everyone about everything. I'm really sorry about that. I'll try harder this week to put my happy face on!
Baby still has no name but I think I'm wearing Michael down so I may get my way again, sorry hunny I do love you.
This week baby is getting porky and his skin is smoothing out, if he was born now he wouldn't look wrinkly. That's an important fact to know isn't it?

My mum knew I was having a hard week (she got lots of cranky venting phone calls) so she sent me these seriously cute outfits. They are vintage no idea what era but the tags are tiny and very basic, love them.
We have set up babies room there's basically nothing in there though so I'll wait til I've started decorating a little before I show you. I have organised his clothes and my goodness there is lots of them! Still need to wash them but that can wait a little longer. 

This is all I see these days. Still can't figure out what position he's in. He moves so much it's hard to tell. Soon enough he wont be doing somersaults anymore, well not on the inside!


  1. Love that photo looking down on your belly! Beautiful!!!
    One lucky baby this is indeed!

  2. Oh thank you lovely. Michael actually wants to call him Lucky, he did survive two car accidents and a couple of hairy ultrasounds!

  3. Those outfits are adorable! Can hardly wait to meet your little one. Hope you continue feeling good and these last few weeks fly by for you.

  4. Lucky may not think himself so lucky when he's in highschool if that is his name :) Suits are gorgeous! They could so be any era.

  5. You have the most perfect belly!


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