Sunday, October 16, 2011

Real estate really?

A couple of weeks ago I bombarded my lovely online mothers group, twitter and poor Suger with ranting and raving about our house inspection. 
Our real estate agent which shall remain nameless (although I believe the reference to prostitutes in their name is appropriate) told us we had not made the property presentable enough and they were coming back to do a second inspection because...

...our garage 'wasn't tidy enough'


...the floor 'had obviously not been moped' 
'the property needed a tidy before the inspection' 

I took these photo's a few hours after they had been, and apart from James watching cartoons and a few things on the kitchen bench it looked the same. 
So on Tuesday they are coming back to make sure we have 'made more of an effort'. 
I'm not going to be home, I think that would be better for our real estate history than me ripping the property manager's head off. 
Stay tuned for next week's installment of Crazy Pregnant Lady V Real Estate Agent. 


  1. That's insane!! There is NOTHING wrong with your house- it is beautifully clean... gosh I would hate to hear what they would say if they inspected our garage!

  2. Robyn I wish they'd seen it before we cleaned it out! We may have been evicted on the spot! Ha!

  3. I don't know love, pretty sure the play mat and hopscotch mat could be aligned more with the tile lines!!! Hmmm, yes something to think about for Tuesday! :P
    Good luck x

  4. I'm team crazy prego lady.

  5. WTF?!

    Bullshit like that is why I hope to never rent again; insanity! Unless you are putting holes in the walls & letting the grass grow up to your knees they can't actually tell you you have to be tidier...! Clean & maintained - yes, tidy? NO!!

  6. Eugh. Real estate can be so annoying. They can't actually tell you that it's unclean. They're just there to check that you're not ruining the house!


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