Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I fell off the wagon

Well I didn't fall off the wagon. I was pushed. We have a house inspection tomorrow so Michael and I have been cleaning and weeding and all the fun stuff you do before hand.  


So I leave you with this very fun pink rainbow cake until Thursday at least. 

Now tell me you have done something more interesting this week than clean toilet walls??


  1. Ugh, I hate house inspections. Really hate them. I was a property manager, and I know what you have to look for to protect the house, and what you look for to be a pretentious wench.

    The whole 'don't be a supermum, keep it real' applies right up until the property manager walks in the door, and then you have to pretend that yes, we wipe down the fans every week and no, the kids NEVER eat on the carpet.

    Good luck and hope that you can eat real cake as a reward after all this.

  2. You know what our kids really don't eat on the carpet. We have tiles though that may be why. When we signed the lease our property manager told us the owner is major anal about the house. Eek! I think we've done a good job, Michael even cleaned the oven. Bless him.


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