Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 28.
I was channeling Dani for this photo, I realised we have a fence like her's, pity James' photography skills are about as good as mine and he cut my head off. 

I am officially in my third trimester. 
Babies brain is going from smooth to lumpy. Isn't that a gross thing to know? 

I've been getting some serious big kicks this week, I feel like the ladies off the maltesers ad. I think James is going to be my baby whisperer. Every time baby kicks and I put James hand on my belly baby stops. Jack on the other hand has felt baby kick lots, and he really likes it. I think he's at a really good age to understand what's happening and be excited, when Charlie was born he was defiantly not interested. He keeps coming up with names like Bob (the builder) or Honey or any other weird thing he can think of. 
I think Michael and I have found a name we both agree on, although that may change by next week. I wont be sharing this time until he's born, there has to be some surprise after all. 
I haven't been sleeping very well until last night when Michael put on the air-con in our bedroom and I slept through the night. Unfortunately I think it may be the way it will be for the next three months, sorry electricity bill. 
On Wednesday I have to have the gestational diabetes test. Thankfully I booked it when Michael is home so I can sit in the hospital for an hour by myself without having to keep little boys amused, I may even sneak off to have a quiet lunch my myself before heading home. 

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  1. Go you. Love the fence. I can't believe your 28 weeks. Catch up next week? What day are you free. I was thinking of coming to town Thursday.


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