Monday, January 17, 2011

Secret Men's Business

This week has been crazy, I can't believe there is one week left of school holidays. Next week I will have two whole days of just Charlie time. Such a strange concept!
Anyway Michael has been doing insane hours at work and has only been home for a couple of days so while he was home he wanted to have some Daddy and son time. He dragged the boys outside to wash his car. Now for those of you who don't know my darling husband lost his license drink driving 14 months ago ( 2 months to go!) so there's no reason for his car to be dirty.

I snuck into the boys room to take photos from the window

Doing a great job cleaning the clean car

I think Daddy just wanted to play silly buggers with the hose

I'm busted!

I love watching the boys with Michael  they have their big boy voices on, I even heard Jack swear! There is no way he would do that if I was around. I love that even at this age they are already learning how to be gentlemanly in front of women but can still be silly gross boys with their Daddy.

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