Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mooo anyone??

I'm sending my children to school in style this year.
James is off to Kindy next week, he'll go 5 days a fortnight, 2 days one week 3 days the next and so on. So to a 4 year old that cant read his own name what do you do when they have to find their lunch/bag/stuff ?? You make it so coordinated he'll be able to recognise everything that's his by the picture.
I searched around for matching bags and lunch boxes but the only one I really liked that I knew would suit James was Mooo's dinosaur collection. Not wanting to leave Jack out I got him to have a look and he picked his own. Space theme for his labels and a star on his bag and lunch bag. I'm happy with that.

Our Mooo loot

I spent a small fortune but we should have enough labels to last this year and next year. I'd like to say James will be able to take his bag to prep but I'm pretty sure I'm dreaming. The kid hasn't taken his bag off since we got it I cant imagine it will last 2 years.

Mooo did not give me anything for this post. I just wanted to share, although if anyone from Mooo is reading all donations to my childrens education is appreciated.


  1. They are so COOL!! The boys will be rocking the first day of school with those bags..let's hope they don't lose them on the first day ;)

  2. Fun hey? There will be no losing anything this year! I'll be putting labels on labels! : )

  3. I love the Mooo collection :)

  4. Love the dino bag... and the footnote :)


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