Friday, January 14, 2011

Polly Dolly

reality v dream
This weeks Polly Dolly is Reality V Dream.
Along with all the crazy sad weather that's going on around the world there has also been a lot of sadness in the blogging world. Apart from Danielle from Hello Owl supporting her husband through chemo treatment, Lori from Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum this week lost her husband. I hadn't ever read her blog before Melissa from Sugar Coat It tweeted about Lori and I stumbled over to her blog and started reading. I can't imagine how heartbreaking and awful she is feeling right now. I feel very blessed to know so many beautiful women that want to help others and in turn the ever lovely Danielle has a widget on her blog to donate to Lori who has just lost the sole provider of their family of four.
Lori recently admitted she is a anti fashionista so this week's Polly dolly is dedicated to her.

Reality~My reality is my staple everyday outfit. I own about 10 sundresses, some maxi some knee length. I attempt to get up earlier than the boys most days, shower and get dressed before the day starts, I feel comfortable in a dress it hides my waist line for one, and living in central QLD its hot all year round. I wear thongs always, and while I'm growing my hair out I have it pushed back with a headband 99% of the time. I wear comfy old lady undies and sensible 4 hook bras. My wedding rings, pearl studs and Pandora bracelet are my staple jewellery items and my suitcase  handbag is always on hand. I feel like I have a bag from Alice and wonderland sometimes, the stuff that comes out of it....

Ah what a beautiful outfit. I want it. I have absolutely no where to wear such a stunning outfit but I still want it.
In my dream I have a incredibly stylish glamorous job to match my ever so stylish minimalist apartment and model boyfriend (I may or may not have been watching to many re runs of The Hills) which requires skinny jeans, a $3000 top, gorgeous jewels that are custom made for every outfit, perfect amount of natural makeup, uncomfortable shoes that look bananas, matching bra and undies that don't have any support, hair flower added after stylist makes my hair look amazing (obviously) and last but defiantly not least a bag that contains only make up, phone wallet and perfume without a side order of muesli bar or nappy sack.

I know, who am I kidding of course I wouldn't trade my reality but its nice to dream...

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