Sunday, January 16, 2011

All Good Plans~

I had great plans for today, a little housework followed by some serious kitchen time. I planned to make ham and pineapple muffins, BLT risotto, orange and poppyseed cake, chocolate crackles, and a roast chicken for dinner.

Unfortunatly my plans were disrupted by this:

After reading Danielle's post about Aidan throwing whopper tantrums, as all toddlers do, I realised that I don't really ever post about the devil side of my sweet boys which shows it self often enough, especially Charlie at this age.
I had the audacity to walk away from him this morning and put a load of washing on. I know I am a bad mother. He carried on rolling around on the floor crying, looking up occasionally to see if I was still watching.
I don't usually give in to tantrums but the last week he has been sick, and he's just a molar and I can feel more trying to get through so I understand he feels yucky. I tried to cuddle the tantrum out of him, we sang we danced, I gave him a drink, we went for a walk outside, nothing worked. In the end I just had to put him down and let him get it out of his system. Once he was winding down I asked him if he was done yet and then he gave me a big cuddle and sloppy kiss.
I was tempted to hang the washing out but I don't know if I'm game.

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