Monday, January 17, 2011

New Baby

You didn't read new baby and think there was going to be bump pics did you? Not going to happen here again. I'd have to change the name of my blog that would be so inconvenient.

My new baby is my very first laptop. We had a secondhand one and I've used Michael's lions laptop once or twice but this is mine and its pretty.

Isn't that pretty? Love the top, I keep running my hands over it.

It's so cool it even has a finger print scanner. That's right I am seriously spy worthy.

Bubble screen saver? Yes thanks!

I love that the keys are separate, I have a tendency to type like a crazy person and I found with other laptops the keys being all together makes me look like I'm drunken typing.

Next job on my list is to get rid of our desktop computer and the mess that we call a computer desk. When I can get a filing cabinet I will do a before and after post. Look out 2011 I'm gettng organised!


  1. Kicking 2011 ASS! Well done. And it is beautiful. Shiny and perfect.

  2. Thanks hun! Totally kicking 2011 ass! ; ) I want to cross everything of my 20 in 2011 list. I feel it may kill me but I will be awesome!

  3. NICE.Lucky Girl. Hope you enjoy the new totally deserve it and now you will have no excuse not to blog xx (just kidding)

  4. Hey nice!!! It's so pretty :)


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