Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home again Home again

Thanks to Amy for letting me know I hadn't done a post about us coming home from our 'second honeymoon' now were home it doesn't seem so bad, but at the time it was pretty horrific.

For those of you who weren't bombarded with my facebook updates or tweets, Michael and I went away for one night which turned into NINE.
It all seemed perfect at the time, Michael and I were invited to a friends wedding, mum was still visiting and she offered to have the boys for the night. Sounds good right? Well it all went horribly wrong when we attempted to get home only to be flooded 80kms from home. There were three roads that were cut between us and home.

This is not my photo but this is Comet Bridge. Not that you can see the bridge only the train bridge which before this was under water also. Comet is 35kms from home and it was the last hurdle we had to get through before we could get home. I think it was the longest 35kms I've ever driven.

The biggest bridge in Emerald once it was down enough for us to drive over. What the water is covering is a park that we often take the boys to, can't even see the top of the swings. Crazy.

A train bridge between Emerald and Capella.

While Michael and I were waiting around to get home we went for a sticky beak at the lake at Emerald. This is the picnic area our table is under water.

We made it to Emerald on Monday. A whole week after we'd left the boys, we were told that they were going to open the big bridge in Emerald that morning, and I got so excited! Then we found out that Comet was still bad, that's when I saw the aerial photos and knew we weren't getting home that day. So Tuesday morning we went out to the road closed sign to quiz the roadtek guys, after all they are on the ground and know whats going on, they said it should be open that day but they needed to do some serious work on the road. After a few hours and phone calls we were told there was no way anyone would be driving over it.
By this stage I was so upset I thought we were never going to get home. I was probably being very over dramatic but I was really feeling that bad.
So Wednesday I had no hope that we were going to get home but we went and bought a few supplies to take home, visited some of Michael's family one in particular who is quite high up on the main roads who told us that afternoon to go out to the road closed sign and ask nicely if they would let us through. Thankfully we didn't need too as they were just about to open the road anyway! 
After nine days being trapped away from our crazy boys I forgot how loud and smelly they were but it was so nice to talk to them face to face and have big cuddles. Jack and James were quite happy to hug us both, Charlie saw me and started walking backwards, broke my heart but really after nine days away I'm not surprised. Luckily it only took him half an hour to give me a big cuddle and squezze then he became my shadow, every time we leave the house he holds my hand and gives it a squeeze like he's not going to see me again even if I'm just hanging out washing.
Never going away ever again!


  1. Oh, what an ordeal! I bet it's something you'll never forget. I also appreciate reading this success story today, we are in the middle of a Brisbane that's flooding and hard to believe anything will ever go back to normal- but you've proven that it does!

  2. I am glad you decided to write this post :)
    I can't believe it was NINE days no wonder you were going crazy, just so glad you made it home safely!

  3. Oh Amy thats scary, hope your staying safe and dry.
    Hayley it was all because of you : ) Yep nine days I didnt count til we got home which is probably a good thing!


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