Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day. What The.

If you had told me twelve months ago this is how Michael and I would be seeing in the new year I would have called you a liar. But here we are.
If you haven't picked up on it this week, I'm not in a very good place emotionally.
I've been crying like I do when I'm pregnant (I'm not pregnant). Randomly and in waves. I'm having the worst case of separation anxiety I have ever had.
In six years I've never had time to myself like this and now I am so glad that Michael and I are parents. It keeps us in a good place. We eat better, drink more water, exercise more, try our best to be better, without even realising or making a decision to do it.
This week I've had a sneak peak at what we would be like if we didn't have children and it's not pretty. I'm very thankful that we never had the choice.
I'm also very grateful that we can spend this much time together in a very small room without killing each other. We haven't snapped once and we are defiantly both under a bit of stress. Last night a few locals told us that were now part of the community and they want us to come back with the boys. We even had a look at a few houses for sale. I don't think we've ever been welcomed into a community quite the same.

So have you ever....

This is the sign Michael and I were joking about on our way to Mackay. Serves ourselves right.

Road closed sign between Capella and Emerald.

My honey bun showing me how the electric windows work.

All these cars were empty. it took us a few seconds to realise all the stranded people that we met that had been choppered out of here would obviously have left there cars here. Was very eerie.

So close yet so far. So rude.

I have become a crazy weather watcher I have a million websites in my head. RACQ, 131940, CHRC (Central Highlands Regional Council) , weatherzone. The list goes on. At the moment I know the river has peaked and is now falling, in the last 24 hours its dropped from 16.4mtrs to 15.6mrts.The water is 1.2 mtrs over the bridge and there is no way we'll be home before Monday if not Tuesday. BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. That's a big drop for one day. Hopefully it continues to drop this way and you get to make the trip over as soon as possible! The Mcdonalds sign is torture, just not fair, really.

  2. Thanks hun! Fingers majorly crossed!

  3. Gosh. You poor thing. I didn't realise you were still stuck. But derr, of course you are. I hope you are home soon.

    And well done on not killing hubby. Mine may not have been so lucky. :oP

  4. hehe I think it would be more him killing me! I annoy him when I'm bored ; ) Yep still stuck.The water has dropped to 15 meters so its getting there!


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