Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nanny's Birthday!

For the first time in a long time my mum and I got to spend her birthday together. Although I wasn't organised enough to make a cake or a special dinner (I know I suck) we still had a nice day. The boys made her a special card and we dragged her out for dinner even though she didn't want to go. My mum decided a couple of years ago she was 49 and there was to be no more birthday's, that all well and good but it may get weird soon. This year as my sister turns 36, just don't count.

Giving Nanny her card.

Showing us the duck face. You crack me up lady!

Mumma and me. Mum with her serious face trying to see where she's meant to be looking without putting her glasses on.
I'm not adopted but you can see why when my sister told me I was when I was little I believed her. 

P.S. Did I tell you we made it home? No? A bit late sorry about that!


  1. So glad to hear you made it home safe! Every time they were talking on the news about the flooding in your area, I thought about you and hoped that you'd gotten home by now (although I'm betting that by this point, you probably would have hired a rowboat, right?).

    You have to tell us what it was like to be reunited!

  2. Thank you! I still can't believe how crazy it all is. I should really do a post about getting home shouldn't I?! Hmmm I'll get on to that this arvo! xx


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