Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lounge Room~Before and After

 Now I realise that there are far more important things going on in the world at the moment and I'm struggling to drag myself away from the updates and news its unfathomable to me. BUT One of my 20 to do in 2011 was to decorate the house and I'm making a start by rearranging our lounge room, although its not technically decorating it made me feel better.
For Christmas I bought the boys their own little lounges and they love them, I knew they would only problem is I didn't really think about where they would go or how they would fit in the room (talk about retail coma) and as we have three door ways 2 sets of windows and a TV that cant be moved I was pretty limited.


View from the corner of the lounge room towards the hallway

From the kitchen

From the hallway towards the corner.


The view from the hallway.

from the kitchen, the boys enjoying the fruits of my labor!

From the front door.

Although it makes the room feel smaller, we seem to fit better. The baby gate isn't quite so accessible to Charlie and we don't have a corner dumping ground. Always a good thing!
later in the year I'm going to do a bedroom re arrange.. Jack turns six in April and we've decided he gets his own room. So trouble one (James) and trouble two (Charlie) will be in together, I know I will be kicking myself when we do it, but Jack needs it. 


  1. We got those couches for Christmas too, pink of course though! I love the new set up, it looks great and makes alot of sense. We are also doing the room swap soon to make room for the new bub. Chloe will be going into her own room and the little ones will share the huge room upstairs. It means we loose a living space though (my sewing room boo hoo) but it will make alot more I get to decorate another bedroom :)

  2. I think half of the country got them Shell!
    new baby room swap thats seriously exciting! P.S. have we seen any bump pics yet? ; )


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