Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Organised? You know it!

As big part of my 20 in 2011 list was to be more organised. That means sending people Birthday/Christmas presents well before they need to be where they are going. Making sure I know where everything is ALL THE TIME.
While Michael and I were writing our list we started planning a box of stuff to live in the car so were never stuck saying, 'Geez I wish we had ...with us' I wish we'd done it years ago but really it would never have worked til now, now we have the luxury of space. I still plan to pack the nappy bag properly and hopefully we never have to use this but its there just in case.

So here it is minus a few things I haven't put in yet.

S this is what we've got:
Toilet paper
Thongs for Jack and James
Spare set of clothes for all three kids
Spare undies for Jack and James
Insect repellent
Plastic bag
Nappy sack
Disposable Change Mats
Hand Sanitiser

Things that will go in once I get them:
Snacks (muesli bars, sultanas, shapes etc)
Bottle of water

This is where it lives in the car.

Once the lid is down you'd never even know it was there! I love my new car, have I mentioned this?


  1. Hey, that's smart! One thing I always hate about having spare clothes is that they grow up so darn fast! It always seems like I send my son to daycare with a bag packed full of spare clothes, and he always comes home wearing someone else's and a note saying that nothing in his bag fit him. :S Maybe I need to be more organised too?

  2. Great idea! I've always had this task in my mind but never got to doing it. Thanks for the reminder! (You may want to pop over my blog for my latest giveaway).

  3. OMG. I bow to the goddess of organisation! Great idea.

  4. Thanks lovelies! I can't take all the credit Michael and I thought of it together. so glad we had it in the car today after we got stuck in the rain!


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