Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I feel so mean but oh so victorious. Today my gate turned up and thank heavens it did!

Charlie has got to be the most mischievous child around. James was a terror but Charlie has bumped it up to a whole different level. I feel like I am constantly dragging him away from the computer/oven/dishwasher/fridge/plastics cupboard/cake tins/tea towel draw. You get the picture.
I know its an important part of learning and I should get over it. But he was driving me to insanity. We have a fridge lock, dishwasher lock, cupboard locks, draw locks. But he opened the cupboard so many times it didn't work anymore, he ripped the cover off from above the dishwasher, almost burnt himself on the oven door I don't know how  many times, and at least once a day he turns off the computer.  So I don't feel so bad. I have given him some wooden spoons and measuring cups, when he's 2 I'll think about taking it down but til then he's locked out!

He thought it was funny while I was taking pictures, but the tantrums came out in full force when I made lunch.

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  1. I laughed when I read this because my house too is full of locks!! tehehe.. thanks for the read and it's not at all dribble :] Look forward to hearing from you again :] God bless x


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