Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To Colour or not colour...

I feel like a change.
My hair cut is awful at the moment I'm trying to grow it out but my patience is growing thin. I think a colour change is just what I need to put up with the cut til it's managable again. My colour is a very boring brown at the moment. I don't remember the last time my hair was brown all over.
I'd love to go this colour:
But my skin is too yellow and I go red way to quickly to be blonde all over so I'm thinking maybe a little blonde with some red. Michael would love it if I looked like this:

Bless him, he loves the ranga's. My skins not pasty enough to be red like this although it is a gorgeous colour.

Stay tuned. I may decide this weekend to just do it! After all I am getting new ink may as well change my  hair colour as well!

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