Friday, October 15, 2010

Ink anyone?

So I'm not sure if I've told everyone yet but tomorrow I'm getting more ink. I'm so excited! I got my first at 18 second at 19 and I thought I would probably have at least 1 a year for a while but then I went and got knocked up at 20 and I've been a bit busy since.

I wont be going this far. But I think I'll be getting more than just 1 more.

I love the roman numerals. I would love to be bold enough to get them on my wrist but I feel too old and too much a mummy to get them there. I'd love the boys birth dates in roman numerals. On the foot maybe.

Tomorrow I'll be coming home full of ink, another back tattoo. A beautiful star design that my tattooist is doing just for me with the boys first names, it will run from the nape of my neck to just above my bra strap line. I always thought kids name tattoo's were very bogan but they have grown on me, maybe its because I married a bogan. Is it contagious?
Before you ask I will be leaving room for a forth baby.
Not that were planning a fourth.
But you never know what life will deal you!

Do you have ink? Do you want ink? Tell me everything!


  1. No ink on me, I'm too chicken to do it. But I love it; it's art!

    My cousin's husband has a tattoo of his kids names on his arm (going around his bicep) in a type of sharp vine design - it's cool.

  2. I've got my children's names on my wrist in a circle in old typewriter print. For me, I needed it where i could see it. That was No. 2 for me and I'm now planning the 3rd......mmmmmm what and where???


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