Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Money Money Money

I missed a day of NaBloWriMo. Am I surprised? Not really, but I thought it would take longer than THREE days!
Yesterday I had extra kids from 8am, got Jack off to school, kept four little boys fed and happy and organised four naps at different times for four different boys, got them up dressed and out the door (to their parents) just before 3pm so James could get to swimming lessons on time. Then a quick trip to pick Jack up from a friends after school, supermarket run, back to the pool for Jack's swimming lesson, baths for my three, dinner time.
Are you tired yet? Can you see why I didn't make it to my computer yesterday? Good. I'll stop explaining myself.


This is what I should be doing (I have 5 loads of washing staring at me, waiting to be folded). But I'm not.

Instead I'm daydreaming. You see on Friday Michael and I will come into some serious money. When Michael took this job they said they would pay for us to move back to QLD but the deal was we paid them back a little every pay and after 2 whole years if you still work for the company they give it all back to you! Makes sense doesn't it? The strangest system I've ever heard of but I guess it works.
Now although  paying off our debts and layby's and all the proper grown up things is what we should do, we have been talking about doing something crazy and blowing the lot on a seriously awesome holiday and some seriously awesome shopping.


I know the sensible gene will click in when there is a stack of money in our account but for now it's nice to dream....


  1. I totally do that too! Spend money in my head, and then when it hits our account, blow it on really sensible stuff like getting ahead in our rent. Bah Humbug

    Hope you can follow through and do something fun with it!

  2. Thanks sweetheart! Glad I'm not the only one : )
    I think once everything boring is paid off we will have a little 'fun' money left. We've decided new tattoos are in order! Will blog photos once we get them. Can't wait!


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