Saturday, October 9, 2010

Polly Dolly


I love this outfit.
After Danielle from Hello Owl did a yellow My Place & Yours theme I have been looking for some pretty yellow dresses like this. No luck so far, the fact I'm not an 8yr old girl seems to be a problem.
Anyway I love this dress, and the shoes, and the bag I want it all for a trip to the markets or walk along the beach.
I feel the need to have these earrings although I feel to old to wear something so funky and I'm not an art teacher, they always seemed to have awesome earrings.
I'm trying to grow out an awful hair cut at the moment and I think these hair slides would be very cute, along with the charm bracelet, lots of lip gloss and of course big sunnies.
I'm sure by now you know where to play along at but if not head here 


  1. ohhh very purdy!

  2. I love that halter neck dress and that bag too:)


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