Sunday, October 3, 2010

Brusha Brusha Brusha

Now that Charlie has six teeth with fourteen (oh brother) more on the way I knew it was time for a big boy tooth brush.

He wasn't sure what it was to start with

So he figured like everything else it should go in the mouth.

He did a pretty good job, although he probably did chew on it more than anything. 

I couldn't help myself. They looked so cute together.


  1. Absolutely precious. (And that last picture is GREAT. I think I'd have to use it in a header, myself.)

  2. Thanks so much! I may have to use that idea, it would be pretty cute as a header : )

  3. Hi:
    Stopping by on the NaBloWriMo tour! :) The pics are adorable- I remember when my son (now 8) was at that stage.


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