Monday, May 31, 2010


This is how I spent my weekend. Not literally fighting with girls just in the wonderful world of the internet.

I found out some mums from my playgroup were talking behind my back about Michael and I, and about another friend. I'm 26 not 16. I don't like the fighting I dont like the gossiping I just wanted somewhere to go and meet some mums hang out and let the kids play. Its hard enough being so far from friends and family without this extra drama, I have since talked with the girl I was having words with and we've sort of talked it out. I still dont trust her and don't want to have anything to do with her, but at least now everyone thinks its all ok and we can move on. I'll be keeping my mouth shut from now on.

I feel sad annoyed, cranky and drained. Michaels cranky from being dragged into it(he doesn't like gossip) so all in all a bad weekend for all of us.  
So now I'm on the hunt for some grown up mummas to have play dates with!
Wish me luck!


  1. I wish we lived closer, I would love my kids to play with your kids :)Woman can be so hard to get along with sometimes!

  2. Thanks Shell, we'd love to play with your kids too : )
    I agree woman are their own worst enemies!

  3. That sucks, woman can be such bitches. I hate gossiping. Nothing beats a good bitching sesh with your bestie but random crapping on someone is not cool. I would also play with you and kids


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