Friday, May 7, 2010

Polly Dolly

Dressy Daytime Jeans Where would you go and what would you wear?

This week's theme of Danielle's at Danimezza got me thinking about being young single and not someone's mumma, must be because mothers day is comng up, I always think what if, this time of year.

So where would I go? I would spend the day shopping in London. I'd love to spend 1 day by myself.
I love these semi casual jeans and I think with these very cool dusty pink boots they would be perfect. A simple belted shirt and very sweet coat. Sequined beanie(its pretty cold walking around London!) and pretty bag big enough to fit the nessesitys and any little treasures I'd find whilst shopping. Fav perfume as always.
Very big jewellery far out of my price range, and yes I'm boring you again with my $28,000 eternity ring. I have a feeling I have brought my lovely man around to my thinking. Bring on mothers day!
I love this pic of London double decker bus, can you jus imagine spending a day in the cold shopping and bussing around the place being a very good tourist? I can almost smell the cold.


  1. ohh that bracelet it divine! Love the idea of a day trip around London... YES PLEASE!

  2. Its gorgeous hey? I couldn't go past it!


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