Thursday, May 13, 2010

Polly Dolly

Well I know I've been very AWOL since the move. I have a slight problem, my camera which is my phone, can not connect to my laptop as I lost the install disc a long time ago(like 3 houses ago) so I cant upload any photos, which means my lovely husband needs to buy me a new camera (for those who don't remember this was meant to be my mothers day gift, last year!) so for now I'm stuck with no pics but I can play Polly Dolly with Dani.

So What do you wear while you blog?

I'm no where near as cool as Dani, and usually within 10 minutes of getting home from dropping Jack to school I have PJs on and no bra. It hasn't been cold enough here for jumpers or socks but it has gotten a little cool so long track pants and a 3/4 sleeve soft shirt is about all I need. My new eternity ring which is a little bit more realistic, and similar to what mine looks like.
Coffee in my very fun take away mug, Michael bought us a new coffee maker last week, it makes 10 cups, Michael's lucky to have two before work then I drink the rest! 
I need glasses to read and do computer stuff, so last time I got new ones Michael told me to buy the most expensive ones in the shop so I did! They have transitions lenses so if I wear them all day (like I often do)   they turn into sunglasses with UV light. I just realised they were more expensive than my eternity ring! 
My phone to take bad photos, yes I know 3 mega pixels on a mobile camera=bad photos, but I just keep putting off buying a new camera because there are more important thing to buy, like kids shoes and food, boring!
My new laptop, doesn't look exactly like this but you get the picture.
I try to blog while Charlie is having his morning nap which is after we've dropped Jack to school, this is James quiet time so I let him watch a movie, it's always either Lightening McQueen or Bolt. So I listen to Owen Wilson or John Travolta. Two very attractive men but after I have listened to them say the same thing a million times, I want to punch them both very hard in the face.

So play along over at Danimezza, go on you know you want to!


  1. i love that top too and Steve has Transition lenses, worth every penny.

  2. Agreed! I often take them when I can't find my sunnies : )
    I think the $$ was the names on the side more than the transitions but hey.


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