Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Place & Yours

Yellow Week!

This week's theme at Hello Owl is yellow!
I love yellow, before I was pink obsessed I was yellow obsessed. Its such a happy colour the colour of sunshine and happy smiley faces. I have quite a bit of yellow stuff around the house, more than I thought to be honest!

Doesn't every girl have a yellow bowling bag?

Yellow kitchen utensils, and my yellow decorated
 utensil holder made by my mumma

I did have a complete yellow dinner set and
 mugs when I was 17 there isn't much left now!

Lovely fluffy yellow bee towels for Charlie

Play along or check out other people's yellow collection over at Hello Owl


  1. I love the towls!! So cute!

  2. Its amazing how much yellow you can find when you go searching.

  3. Bees are so cute in pictures! Wendy xx

  4. I have to say those towels are my favorite as well, nothing cuter than babies in big fluffy towels!

  5. The bees on the towels look like the ones in the 'Bee Movie'! So cute! Yellow cooking utensils make me feel nostalgic for some unknown reason.


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