Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

So my mothers day isn't going like this (is it possible in our house?)

I haven't ever had a nice mothers day, I know that a horrid thing to say but its true.
First year I was suffering with cracked nipples and a baby that wouldn't sleep Michael was at work and I ended up in tears. I'm pretty sure every year has just gotten worse, last year I was pregnant, Michael and I took the kids camping the night before mothers day so I woke up cold and sore, Michael was fishing, and I had to make my own cup of tea, and ended up cooking 2 min noodles for the boys for dinner because Michael was at a friends house and the kids just couldn't wait any longer for the take out he was meant to be brining home, and again I was in tears.

So today I wasn't expecting anything ( I'm still waiting for last years mothers day present.) I woke up not to breakfast in bed or cuddles, but with my darling husband screaming down the hallway because he had slept through his alarm and his ride was waiting for him. I flew out of bed, made his lunch (ceasar salad, yes I rock) chucked some bananas in his work bag and made sure he had his hard hat and a jacket, then reminded him it was mothers day!
By this time the big boys were awake because we were making so much noise and wanted cartoons and a drink maybe some cheese and vegemite toast. Yes the work of a mumma is never done.
Charlie is my sweet baby who stands up in his cot happy to see me when I walk in his room, not today though he has been cranky and clingy but wants his own space. I think he's being visited by the tooth monstor.

Our Austar was connected today so of course the boys were the austar mans shadow all day and I spent the day hassling them to stay away from him and his drill and his ladder and his work truck, yep the most favourite things for little boys.

I know I'm lucky to have my beautiful boys and my lovely husband and I am grateful but I work 365 days a year and I work HARD I dont expect to much for christmas or my birthday but it would be nice on Mothers day if I could have a day off, even half day.

As for my present I would love this

Pity I cant justify buying a ring worth more than my car! Its so pretty though!

Now its almost dinner time, I've done 3 loads of washing, stacked and unstacked the dishwasher twice, and cleaned the boys more times than I care to remember, fed them and let them watch cartoons. So I'm officially postponing mothers day until Michael is home. I am going to leave the house ALL BY MYSELF do some shopping, maybe see a movie, have a yummy lunch all by myself and I'm thinking I might even get my new tattoo that was my birthday present that I haven't had time to get yet!

How was your mothers day?


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