Friday, May 21, 2010

Polly Dolly

Polly Dolly this week the lovely Dani is taking us to the movies. I need a trip to the movies.
I need a trip out of the house that doesn't involve going to school or to the supermarket.

My very fun outfit, a pretty dress to hide the belly after eating all that popcorn and maltesers, you must try popcorn and maltesers together, best snack ever.
Cardigan because its always cold in movie cinemas. 
Stripper shoes because where else can you wear awesome shoes, out to dinner or somewhere you can sit. I love stripper shoes, I think I must have been a stripper in a former life, I definitely don't have the body for it now!
Lipgloss is a must after eating far to much salty popcorn, and of course you need a pretty bag to take with you.
Pillow, After carrying three kids for 41+ weeks, two of which were close to 10 pounds I get a sore back from everything including movie seats then I get a sore bum so a pillow to make the 90 minutes in the cinema much more enjoyable.

To play along or sneak a look at other peoples outfits go over to Danimezza

1 comment:

  1. i NEED that dress :)
    and I take a lumbar pillow everywhere too.


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