Sunday, May 23, 2010

You know you married a country boy when....

When your husband says lets go for a drive, and you end up going down a 4WD track in your family car(that now has a shake and rattle to it).

We went for a drive after school last week to our favorite fishing/camping spot, we haven't been since it was flooded and it finally looks nice again. It's days like this that I realise how much Michael misses not having his licence, the boys keep telling him to look for his licence, we keep saying Daddy lost his licence so to them it makes sense, just go and look for it right?

You know your married to a country boy:
When your five year old says 'can I climb that?' and your husband says 'go for it!'
No wonder I'm going so grey!
Then your three year old says 'Wait for me' So your husband takes your children up a cliff face, my goodness!

All the way to the top.

I had to take a pic of James in his own outfit, board shorts, sheepskin lined PVC boots and a Kurt Cobain jumper. He's a special kid.

Jack was obsessed with throwing all the rocks into the river. Its all about the splash.

My sweet boy loved the grass, even more than his afternoon tea which he spat all down his front.

Such a pretty spot, I've never seen it with water flowing over the top before I think we'll be camping out one night in the school holidays.

You know your married to a country boy when he climbs up the wier to have a look. Thankfully I told my little boys no you can not follow Daddy!

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