Saturday, May 29, 2010


I need inspiration.
One of my darling online mothers group mumma's gave me a great idea (read gave as I stole) this week. Her husband is turning 30 soon so she's organising 30 gifts for him. I love it so next August when my darling hubby turns 30 I'm going to do the same. The thing is I'm having a hard time thinking of 30 things to buy him!

What 30 things would you buy?


  1. You would have to throw that pair of jocks/boxers in for good measure...and maybe a pair of socks..and make them the first ones he opens so he thinks "Great just what I need...."

  2. You know what he would love socks! He's such an old man very picky with his socks.
    I'm thinking maybe 30 balloons to send to him at work that would be very funny on a dirty mine site : )

  3. you could get each of your boys to make him something so that would make 3 presents. I have seenf dog tags on ebays and your could get him them engraved with all the boys and your details. Then theres socks, jocks, a new wallet, footy tickets, movies tickets, and thats all I can think of at the moment I hope they helped

  4. Hey Kate,
    A tradition in DH's family is to buy scratchies for the age eg when Aaron turned 30 in December he got 30x $1 scratchies and when his nan turned 80 she got 80x $1 scratchies... It's a relatively cheap, well for now, fun thing to do???
    good luck deciding, i like Lisa's idea of getting the kids to make something each, that takes care of 3 of the presents.

  5. You girls rock!
    Lisa I'm writing all these things down!

    Definatly socks and jocks, I was thinking maybe some new shoes, he's such a boy he owns about 5 pairs of shoes all for different things work, beach, running etc. I found some cute tshirts that say "I'm to sexy to be 30' : )
    Kim I love that idea! If I live to 80 I want someone to buy me 80 scratchies!

    Cd's, books, car stuff. I think by next year I will have 30!


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