Friday, May 14, 2010

Three Years of Bliss

Three years of bliss. Hardly.

James has always been my difficult child.
He had middle child syndrome from birth.
He was my hardest pregnancy.
He was a bad sleeper as a baby.
He was lots of work as a one year old.
He had terrible twos for at least 18 months.
I had resigned myself to the fact we would have a lot of  trouble with him forever.
I love him but I haven't ever really liked him (yes that's a really hard thing to say) 
It's not his fault, I think we should have waited longer and had a bigger gap between he and Jack so I could enjoy him more. The joy of hindsight. 

In the last few weeks Michael and I have noticed a change, he has become the beautiful boy I always knew was hiding under the surface, the little boy we saw briefly on rare occasions.
He was always a great big brother but now I'm looking forward to him and Charlie growing up together not worried about what bad things Charlie was going to learn from James.
In the last few days I don't think I've had to raise my voice or give him 'the face' (mums get it) at all. I love it!
Being three definatly agrees with him and he definatly agrees with me.

My new best friend James.

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