Saturday, May 29, 2010

Polly Dolly

This week's theme over at Danimezza is christening/baptism.

Were very hopeless and have only had Jack baptised, need to do something about that and get the two little boys done soon, maybe when we go home in November I could get both done at the same time hmmm...

Anyway. What to wear, I've been wearing my cowboy boots a lot lately, (too chilly in the mornings to wear thongs to school) my boots are brown but I'm really liking the black, might have to invest in some black ones. A cute skirt to make the boots more feminine. I always feel like I need to cover up in church so a 'proper' shirt and cardigan because churches are always so cold.
Cute hair flower to make me look different to every day hair, big gold earrings(tiffany of course) and a cute bracelet. Lipgloss is a must for all the photos that get taken on the special day, camera for all the photos and a big bag to fit all the goods into!

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