Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trying so hard...just not getting anywhere

Well its only 3pm and I have had a crap day.
No matter how hard I tried today things just were not working out for me. I don't know if its the wind or what but my boys are driving me batty, just being intentionally naughty.
James woke up cranky~ not with 'Hello Mummy did you sleep well? I would love to watch some cartoons, Yes I would love a warm drink of milk, thank you mummy dearest'
I got 'CARTOONS MUM!! Chocolate Milk Mum! Now!' Followed by hours of tantrums and tears.
It just went from bad to worse, James ended up tipping out a box of washing powder ($8) then tipped up a tin of Dulux Wash and Wear paint ($56) threw a tantrum because he was in trouble for tipping out said things.
Jack wasn't much better, stirring his brother up at every available chance, taking away his blankie, his drink, his favorite car,and to make matters worse pretending to be a dog and chase James around the house until he fell and banged his head.
I just wanted to do some painting and wash some baby clothes and have a quiet relaxing(ish) day with my little boys.
Its days like this I wonder what possessed me to have a 3rd boy!
On a happier note I did manage to do some painting and wash some little baby clothes, I didn't realise how many clothes I actually had already! Much easier to see them all in the one spot!
I also washed some blankies and towels, and the seat cover from the automatic swing we bought when James was born and the only thing he slept in til he was big enough to go in the cot. I feel much more prepared for this boy if he happens to turn up early.
The bookshelf I painted today when it was still sporting the 70's green, wasn't it nice!
Now a much nicer white, will need a second coat, not going to happen today though!
My clothes line view from Charlie's room, look at all those cute little outfits in the making! My little James when I could strap him in somewhere, if only it was that easy now : )
This is the swing that will now be little Charlie's. All washed and ready to go(well when it comes out of the dryer it will be!) So if heaven forbid Charlie came out tomorrow I would have clothes blankets, if need be, somewhere to put him in the car, somewhere to sleep. Hopefully he stays put until I have everything, but this is a good start!

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  1. that sucks you had a hard day but you still managed to get some things done off your list. Love the clothes line photo :D and James is too cute. Can't wait to see the nursery.


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