Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's Birthday, he is between 50 and 60, I won't embarrass him by letting on what number : ) He has had an exciting 12 months since the last birthday, my Dad got married last year for the 1st time, moved in with his bride and her daughter, she also has 1 who lives away at uni, (yes I realised I have 2 step sisters and yes I always think of Cinderella : ) has managed to cut down his work hours to finally finish his Law degree(I'm sure his Dad is proud) that he started at Sydney Uni in the 70's before he met my mum and got side tracked with being a young man living in Sydney in the 70's and all the fun stuff that was happening then!

A few things about my Dad:

My dad introduced me to Jazz music at a very young age, he is quite clever my Dad he can play most instruments without much difficulty, mostly clarinet, trumpet and of course the sax. I have fond memories of Dad playing a gig and me dancing around and playing with the wait staff at what ever venue the band was at. So much fun.

My Dad makes a mean sausage curry~Always with lots of liquid and puffed up sultanas, no matter how many times I try I cant seem to make it quite the same!

My Dad is Welsh which is where I get my colouring from (thanks for the 1 eyebrow!) and the older he gets the more he looks like my grandpa, who still has his welsh accent, I love it.

My Dad has worked many jobs my favorite is when he and Mum decided to run a strawberry farm when I was born(can you say hippy parents?) hence my love for strawberries, they were probably the 1st thing I ate!

This is my Dad at Jack's 3rd birthday party with James, its funny to see your parents as grandparents, they turn into strange people around their grand kids, it works both ways though my boys act totally differently with their grandparents, not as comfortable as they are with Michael and I, but there is a strange bond even from birth I think they just know these people are related to them somehow, and don't they know how to work it, I know my boys have my parents wrapped around their little fingers and my parents love it : )

This is Dad and Robin the day they got married, I love this pic, Dad looks so happy and comfortable with her, and she is happy to have step grand kids.

* Note to self I need to get some photos of Dad and I, I seem to only have one's of Dad and the kids!

Now I'm off to make sausage curry in his honor : )

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