Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taking over my brain and body, oh the joys!

This is me today 32 weeks 4 days I'm at that stage where people only ask you two questions~ 'How are you feeling?' and 'How long have you got too go?' Usually followed by 'The count down is on!'
I understand I am the size of a small whale and I probably look like I just want to sleep for 100 hours (which I do!) but I'd love to talk about something else apart from how uncomfortable I am and how big I'm getting.
OK rant over!
I am still having trouble sleeping, my hips hurt and the new one for the week, my elbows are starting to hurt, I don't know whats up with that but I'm not loving it! I'm still needing to pee at least twice a night, usually in the dead of night and again after Michael's bloody alarm goes off, the poor guy he gets me grumpy in the morning and then by the time he comes home from work I'm grumpy all over again because I'm ready for bed again!
I'm so excited for next week were going to Rocky to spend 2 nights and a whole lot of time at the hospital, another ultrasound to see how big this boy can grow, blood tests, a shot of Anti-D and a normal check-up, were also going to do a big toy lay by at Target, can't wait I'm shopping for 3 different age groups, that's kinda scary!
Were hoping to take the kids to see Ice Age, take them bowling, and if we have time putt putt golf, I'm planning on doing no cooking (ahhh) and eating all the things I've been craving Double Whopper from Hungry Jacks, a really good prawn laksa, and a proper curry from a proper Indian take out : ) Poor Michael is still on Jenny Craig so he'll just be fetching me these nice things. Hopefully fingers crossed we'll also have the money to start buying some of the baby stuff on my ever growing list!


  1. sore elbows, thats a new one! Hope you have a great time in Rocky. I have to keep away from the toy sales... and thanks, now im craving hungry jacks and prawn laksa...

  2. Sorry about the cravings! At least you live somewhere that you can get hungry jacks and a good prawn laksa!


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