Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh Baby...

Well I've finally done it, I've reached the cranky irritable, had enough stage of pregnancy, its only taken me 32 weeks not bad considering with James I don't think I enjoyed it at all, having a 1yr old and being horrendously sick with a darling hubby at work all the time really sucked, this time has been so much nicer! I have suffered over the last few days bad pregnancy insomnia, heartburn, the major water works and braxton hicks, I'm so over it. I'll start with the insomnia, my hips are too sore to lay in bed so I potter around the house trying not to wake up my little boys(no chance of waking Michael up : ) then by 7.30am after the boys have been fed and watered and James has a clean bum (I'm not that bad of a parent) I pop on some cartoons and lay down and doze on the lounge, usually with James snuggled up with me. Major Water Works: Last night Jack was telling Michael about the horrid boys from Playgroup and Michael was telling him not to take it and fight back etc etc and they were having a great old time pretending to punch each other, I on the other hand was in tears I hate the thought of my beautiful sweet boy having to learn that not everyone is going to be his friend and go to school and look after himself, I want to be there to protect him I realise this is a silly idea and the pregnancy hormones were defiantly kicked in, this was made extremely worse by the reaction I got from Jack when he realised I was a blubbering mess, 1st he got me tissues, no mean feat in our house to reach the tissues he had to get his wee stool out of the bathroom take it to the kitchen. He brought me back half a ripped tissue and started wiping the 'water' off my face then tried to get me to blow my nose, he then took my cup of tea off me, filled it up with water and told me it would make me feel better to drink some water, sat down next to me held my hand told me I'm his best friend, then asked me if I needed a cuddle ?? Michael was almost wetting himself he thought this was so funny, Jack looking after me with his grown up voice being such a lovely little person which of course made me cry even more! Ugghh! So then the braxton hicks kicked in, for those of you who haven't suffered from them, be very glad its like a pretend contraction, although mine usually don't go away I just become very sore, after a hot shower and Michael fetching me a hot water bottle I attempted sleep not so successfully, I'm over it.
On a lighter note our impending arrival is taking over my brain and I feel as if, if I don't get all this down in one place I'll completely forget where and what I want, so here is my list of things I want to buy and what I'm planning on buying soon!
A New Pram: Ours is still ok but the skateboard on the back is more suited to Jack than to James he's just not tall enough to hold on and still see where he is going and I don't want to have to carry him, hold Jack's hand push the pram and try to shop all at the same time, so to save myself the drama I'm getting a tandem pram, hopefully like this:
Its called a VeeBee Doubletake

Love from Big W and only $298 which is a heap cheaper than the baby shops I was looking at.

Car Seats: For my big boys and Charlie, Jack's seat was a cheap nasty thing we bought when I was pregnant with James and I've always hated it, James is still in the convertible car seat I bought for Jack, and its getting a bit worse for wear as you can imagine, so to fit the 3 of them in the back of our car I'm getting for Charlie:

Cargo Hybrid Convertible Car Seat

For the big boys Voyager Expandable Booster Seats Then when Charlie is big enough to be out of his convertible car seat (Oh geez am I really thinking that far ahead?) he can have Jack's seat because by then Jack will be defiantly be out of his! That's a scary thought, I like having them in their car seats makes me feel better!
Now for the nursery I'm going with the farm yard theme from Big W, I've also got my eye on some cute removable wall stickers, I haven't decided whether getting Charlie's Farm is too much for his walls, this is the cot linen I've found, I didn't really like any of the expensive trendy baby shop brands so I thought check out Big W and I love it! So much cheaper as well!
Apart from that I have a whole tonne of clothes love from eBay, Aunty Isha and of course Nanny! There's still a few things I want to get, singlets, socks etc. Now I just need to finish painting all the nursery furniture, pick up the cot, go to Mackay to pick up our baby hammock from hire for baby and were pretty much done! So basically I still have a trillion things to do : (


  1. Jack can come and live with me anytime :) What a sweetheart, no wonder you cried. It's going to be a hard balance raising our son with sugar AND Spice.

    We're picking up our carseat once we've got rego out of the way :S Depending on the age gap of our kids we'll buy each a convertable from birth so they keep the same chair. If we only have one kid then we're fine lol.

    I like your choice of pram, got to be so much easier than double prams side by side. I agree, BigW does have some cool stuff. I love the colours and tones in Charlie's Linen.

  2. oh and about lack of sleep and all those awesome pregnancy symptoms... I hear you LOUD and CLEAR.

    Thankfully out of some miracle we invested in a deluxe latex mattress about a year or 2 ago and it was the best decision ever, we even have latex pillows and can't travel without them lol.

    I have a lumbar support roll that i put under my lower back in bed sometimes and that helps me drift off but being on my back makes me snore like a truck driver lol.

    I've been experimenting all week and it seems an orgasm is the best cure and I sleep so much better, not right through the night but almost. Try it, could be fun lol.

  3. Jack is definatly my sweet boy, I don't want him to lose that, but I know he'll have to *sigh*
    James is such a rough bogan(takes after his dad)and I'd say poor Charlie will be a rough little boy as well, there's something about the 1st born they definatly spend more time with mum and get a bit soften because of it : )
    Jack's 21kgs so he could really just go in the car with no seat, but I dont like that one bit!
    We tried out the latex beds and I was in love but the time it was going to take to get one here, we were both too impatient to get a new bed we wanted one straight away, I wish we'd waited!
    Thanks for the tip re orgasm, might give that a try ; )


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