Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Weekend

This is what has happened to my hot drinks. Decaf, what a nasty word!
I thought I'd just skip my morning coffee and cup of tea before bed, but after 12 years its a hard habit to break! I tried a warm Milo in the morning but then I just wanted to go back to bed, stike that one off the list. Cordial, juice, water? Nope just not cutting it. So I'm having decaf. Only 6 more weeks and Michael's first job after we get this baby out, is to go to maccas and get me a latte from the McCafe mmmm....
On Friday we went to Rocky for our ultrasound to see how gigantic my little man is, thankfully only measuring 2 weeks ahead, and there's no reason I should have to have a c-section or be induced early, so now we just play the waiting game, my guess of his birth date is the 10th of September. Keep that in mind!
So while we were in Rocky we also did some shopping and of course Jack found a playschool ride and insisted he and James had a ride, this is the only picture I got of both of them where they look semi-human, the rest are very blurry!
While we were there we put on a Target lay by of toys for Christmas, so much fun, and a baby lay by at Big W, unfortunately they were out of a lot of stuff(due to the sale that's just finished) so we only got 1 car seat, but most what I really wanted we got, I'm happy with that.
On Sunday we had a very special Birthday party to go to. Alex who turned 3 on Saturday and her lovely mum Peta deserve the world. Peta was told Alex would never walk or talk(She can walk and Peta is working on her speech) She has a special formula that goes straight into her belly she's allergic to food and can only drink water and even then she can't have a lot. They spend more time in Brisbane seeing specialists and having operations than they spend in Blackwater, and after 3 years of fighting there is still no word for whats wrong with little Alex.
So I got her some fun crafty gifts, but I thought I'd make some party food as well. Not that Alex could eat any of it, but I knew the rest of the kids would!
I added a pic just so everyone knows I don't just make ugly biscuits, I can also make pretty cupcakes ; )
So today we are having are taking it easy, I may not even get out of my PJ's : )


  1. They are some super dooper cupcakes, I bet Alex appreciated them none the less. I'm glad I don't drink caffine anymore, I can't imagine having to go off it whilst pregnant. I'm glad Charlie is measuring well and there is no need for c.s.

  2. I don't know if Alex even noticed the cupcakes actually but her mum was thankful.
    I crave caffine when I'm pregnant so its not been an easy thing to give up but I'm doing ok, haven't fallen off the wagon yet : ) I might have to have just 1 can of coke when I go in to labour just to make me feel better.


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