Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm falling apart

So I've had an 'interesting' 24hrs. We are defiantly not having any more babies after this one, I'm tempted to have a c-section and get my tubes tied while there in there, yes I am that serious. Yesterday I started getting pains, my heart was beating very fast and very hard almost like a cartoon where you see the heart pounding out of their chest, that's how I felt. I of course googled it, a bad thing to do when you have any medical problems, after a few phone calls with Michael he decided to come in to town and take me to hospital to get it checked out. Now we live in a small mining town (6000 people) and I realise that means that there isn't always what you want when you want it. But yesterday when we went to the hospital I saw a nurse who gave me ECG and sent me to a doctors surgery as there was no doctor at the hospital. After waiting for an hour in the doctors surgery we were told the doctor had to go to hospital as there was an emergency. By this time it was 5pm and my heart palpitation's had started at 1pm and I was starting to be in quite a bit of pain, and I sure worrying about it was only making it worse. So we drove an hour to a different hospital, had another ECG, some heart monitors put on me and bubs and I had some oxygen to stop the pain in my chest. I then got seen by 2 different doctors (love that!) and was told I have a irregular heart beat, but everything else looked fine, he said the sumo baby in my belly is probably putting stress on my heart he told me to rest and steer clear of caffeine. He sniggered and rolled his eyes when I explained what had happened at our hospital, seems to happen a lot apparently. My poor boys (all three of them, I think Michael was the worst of the lot) by this stage were so over tired and had been trying to be such good kids for the hours and hours of sitting around in waiting rooms, and not being able to touch anything fun when I was laying in the hospital bed. So Michael and I took them to Donalds for a run around and a cheeseburger, always a hit. This morning we went to hospital for more blood tests to make sure its not a thyroid problem. So I'm planning on reading my book and doing some laying around *yawn* I felt so good yesterday morning and had planned to come home and do some serious housework. On the up side I'm probably going to get a housecleaner, and soon. Michael and I joked that maybe I'll become a lady of leisure or a lady who lunches, someone to clean the house someone to watch the children, after all its whats expected of a miners wife isnt it?? : )


  1. oh doll thats scary. We're meant to have confidence in these people! I chose not to use our local hospital for similar reasons and our Ob even said to avoid it in an emergency as I'd just get shipped elsewhere.
    I had a few palpitations but none lasting as long as you described. Good idea with the house cleaner, why delay I say. Put your feet up and enjoy your gorgeous boys.

  2. My sister is a neo-natal nurse and my mum works in a hospital so I'm a bit wary at the best of times with the medical proffesion.
    I am definatly putting my feet up today!
    Thanks xxx


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