Thursday, July 23, 2009

If you can't beat them....

Well I have succumbed to rest. Kinda.
Although yesterday I still did 3 loads in the dishwasher, folded washing and changed the boys sheets I did it very slowly and it took me all day to do that much. Today I have had a nap, made the kids lunch, changed a couple of nappies broke up a couple of fights, and thats about it!
A few days ago Michael and I were telling the boys that we might take them somewhere fun on Friday where there will be jumping castles (Rocky has an indoor fun house called The Crazy Joker, it sounds great) and lots of fun things for them to do, now Jack has a fantastic memory when it comes to something he wants, ask him where his shoes are or his cup, very different story, so he has been hassling Michael and I about the jumping castle so Michael decided if we threw all the lounge cushions off the lounge, add beanbags and anything else soft we could find the boys could have a 'jumping castle' and did they love it? I haven't heard anything else from them!
We have re-created the jumping castle a few times and yesterday while I was 'resting' I finally got some pics, although by the time I took them they were up and off again so they are all blurry, but hey you get that.
James decided rolling off the lounge on to the pillows was by far the best way to do it, Jack just wanted to jump off the end of the lounge as far as possible.
After James went down for his nap Jack and I made monster bickies which are butter biscuits with coconut and choc-chips I asked his what colour the monster bickies should be, green, blue, red maybe? Nope he said purple. He cracks me up this kid! So we made the most ugliest biscuits you have ever seen there was too much blue food dye so they are a very dark purple but the boys have almost devoured the entire lot of them.
Jack pushing more choc-chips into he tops of the biscuits, just in case there wasn't enough in them already!
Trying desperately to get the food dye off his fingers, he is my clean child after all and doesn't like being dirty or mess. Yes just in undies because it was too hot in our kitchen for jeans and he didnt want to wake up James by going in there room to get some shorts, cute. Aren't they the ugliest biscuits you have ever seen? : )


  1. What an awesome post, you had me giggling the whole time. Loving those biscuits, but the choc was nice and gooey... yum!!! Love the jumping castle :)

  2. Thanks Darl! They were pretty nice biscuits, just ugly!


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