Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PJ's Park and Painting

After getting our lovely prizes yesterday in the mail the boys wanted to wear their new PJ's to bed, so even though it wasn't really cold enough they did, just with nothing on underneath! Funny kids!
This is Jack with his photo face which I'm not loving but what can you do?
And James also with his photo face, I don't know where their normal smiles went!
Today is Tuesday which usually means playgroup for us, but as its school holidays there is no playgroup so we all meet in our local park for a chat (read that as gossip) while the kids throw sand at each other, I only got a couple of pics as I was watching three very horrid boys teasing my poor sweet Jack who thinks everyone is his friend and no one really wants to be mean to him they are just playing, I told him if they hit him to hit them back, and I had a very unexpectecd proud mother moment when one of the horrid boys came to me complaining Jack had punched him! I don't know if I'm ready for him to go to Preschool next year : ( He needs to toughen up, but I don't know if I want him to lose his innocence
After playgroup and lunch James and I had a fight about naptime he is definatly in the terrible two's grrr... throwing things and yelling instead of talking, I realise he is still sick but geez! Jack was ready for his nap but James wanted to scream the house down, so Jack and I painted Charlie's Chest Of Draws which will double as a changetable, Jack remember's when this was James yellow changetable, and proceeded to tell me how much of a god job he was doing and how naughty and noisy James was, and what happened on sesame street this morning (I'm sure he forget's I'm usually in the same room when he's watching it) it was quite nice to spend some quiet time with him, he is a mind field of information : )
This is the draws still yellow
Action shot (he had to get changed and put on a singlet 'like dad does')
There's the fake smile again... Doing such a good job! All done! And since it took so long with a 4yr old by the time we finished the 1st coat it was dry enough for the 2nd coat, gotta love that!

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