Monday, July 6, 2009

Parcels,Parcels, Parcels!!!

Don't you just love it when the parcels delivery person turns up? Our's is a lady, she is refered to by my boys as 'the post lady' she knows the boys names and always has stickers for them, such a sweetheart. Anyway I got 3 count them 3 parcels today, 1 from my beautiful sister who always buys me much too much stuff when I have a baby and claims it was 'on special' or 'really cheap' and then spends a fortune on postage and always adds something in for the older boys, this time some cute sippa cups and some educational placemats that the boys have decided is for driving their cars on, on the floor. 1 from my lovely mum, something practical for the boys and a fun thing for me. The last one wasn't as fun an eBay parcel that's new shoes for the big boys, something I picked for them, never as fun as when suprises turn up!
Beautiful little suits and a gorgeous blanket from Aunty Isha
The cutest shoes a hooded towel set, wraps and bibs to match the suits, you couldn't ask for a better sister.
The matching jeans to the top that has this pattern on it, so cute! Practical sleep suits from Nanny for 'Pookie' (Jack) and 'Poppet' (James)
Just what I need another cookbook! At least it goes with the matching cupcake stand, she knows what I'm like with cookbooks, because I got the obsession from her! Thanks Mumma! Just what we needed to brighten up our day, James is sick and has made everyone else as cranky as him, Jack is sick of hearing James cry and whine and wants his play friend back, James just wants 'duddles' which is not an easy thing to do with a 2yr old when you are 31 weeks pregnant, and poor Michael is cranky about work, his boss/friend/role model was made redundant at the last minute on Thursday, damn mining game at the moment its making everyone cranky, cant wait til we get out of it and have our own little tyre shop in the middle of nowhere *sigh* one day it'll happen.

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  1. lol I bought almost everything "baby" you received, awesome stuff. So nice you received them as a gift and I have to admit I have a thing for cookbooks too. Your blog is looking gorgeous btw :) I knew you'd love it.


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