Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friends From Far Far Away

On Thursday we had our 1st visitors from home that weren't family, do you think I was excited? Yep you could say that!
Emily and Jim, who are travelling around the country before heading back to Orange to build a house (and hopefully start having babies) and getting on with the boring mundane normal parts of life, made a stop over to see us on their way from Cape York to Orange.
Emily and I used to be Party Girls/BnS Girls/Wild Girls, we also lived together and lived out of each others pockets, until I met Michael, but that's another story completely!
I was Maid of Honor at Em and Jim's wedding, and she helped me pick out my wedding dress, do you get how close we are??
We looked through old photos album's and reminisced about before we were married and were still crazy girls, had cups of tea together and caught up the way you only can in person, its just not the same on the phone. The men in our lives occupied each other and the kids were just happy to have people to show off to, they both have know Emily and Jim their whole lives and are comfortable with them, not everyone gets along so easily with our noisy boys.
This is us just before she walked down the aisle, I was so happy for her, I almost squeezed her to death every time I hugged her!
That's my country girl and her country boy. Such a suited couple, I can't wait for them to start having babies!
Emily and I busted by the photographer doing what we do best, having private jokes between the two of us, this is one of my favorite photo's from their wedding, you can tell were up to no good!
Its funny how quickly you slip back into the way things were after being apart for so long, thank heavens our husbands get along, and the four of us always end up having a bit of a laugh at each other, I wished we didnt live so far away!
Now we just need everyone else we know and love to visit us!

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  1. Aww brilliant. Thats the same mushy excited feeling I got when I went to Darwin and hang out with my BFFs for a week. I hope you soaked up as much of them as you could.


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